Online Donation to KMTA

Online Donation to KMTA
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AS PER REQUEST - simply change the quantity to reflect the total of what you'd like to donate.

As a result of Covid-19 Restrictions imposed on all indoor sporting facilities, gyms, and similar businesses on 23 March 2020, KMTA had to immediately close doors in all our venues. This pushed us in to online training to ensure we continune to provide a product to our current members. We recognise online training is very different to face to face training, but the response so far from those who have taken part is that it has been well received, fun, egaging, and very educational.

We have had very generous offers from students (current and past) who have expressed their desire to donate to KMTA during this very difficult time for us. We cannot express the deep gratitude to such generosity and we are genuinely touched. Thank you.

As a result, we have made available the option to make a single payment to KMTA to help support us, for those who would like to. We have no expectations of anyone, and are simply making this available upon request from people who have contacted us.

This is a voluntary payment / donation being made to KMTA, being treated as a purchase. It is not a tax deductible donation as we are not a registered charity. We will incur GST and other relevant taxes on it, and pay them accordingly, as it is income to KMTA. Purchase or deposit is considered a completed transacation, and as such no refunds can be issued.

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