About Krav Maga

"So that one may walk in peace" ~ Imi Lichtenfeld

   Link to IKMF HQ"Krav Maga" is Hebrew and means "Contact Combat". It was originally developed for the military, special forces, and counter terrorist police units in Israel. Since that time, it has been adapted for Civilian, Law Enforcement, Military, Third Party Protection, Women and Kids curriculums.

   The founder of Krav Maga was Imrich (Imi) Lichtenfeld (Sde-Or). Born in 1910 and dying in 1998, Imi devoted his life to developing and furthering Krav Maga, initially within the defence and security forces in Israel, and then throughout the world.  In 1995 Imi gave his blessing to the formation of the International Krav Maga Federation - the IKMF. Since then, the IKMF has spread to over 65 countries, has several hundred active instructors, and tens-of-thousands of students world-wide. The IKMF is second-to-none, and is recognised as the original source of Krav Maga.
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Imi's motto and purpose for spreading Krav Maga was "So that one may walk in peace." His dream was that every person, regardless of gender, race, nationality, age, fitness, size, or strength, could learn to defend themself and have a peaceful existence. Krav Maga is truly the system that works for every person, and we are honoured to be part of spreading Imi's dream and maintaining his legacy.

   Thank you for choosing to look in to Krav Maga, and the Krav Maga Training Academy. We hope to train with you soon, so that you too may walk in peace.