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Sessions run every Wednesday, 10:00am - 11:30am, Brisbane CBD, join at any time!


New participants:  KMTA strongly recommends seeing a women's health physiotherapist to assess the muscles of your pelvic floor and abdomen to check for any weakness or injury postpartum, and to guide progression of higher level exercise. You can search for specially trained physio's at:

NOTE: Details provided below are NOT stored online. To protect your information and privacy, all data is sent directly to us and stored in an off-line server.
If you prefer to provide full details in person, email us through our Contact Us page.

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The following information is required to be completed by participants who have recently given birth and are starting or changing to this new program with us. Information will be provided to our Instructor who is also a Physiotherapist to assess. Information supplied is not stored online.

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If yes, please provide more information (or write "Please Call" to discuss over the phone).

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