Gift Certificates

Purchase a gift certificate instead of a specific product or membership for your friend or loved one today.

Gift certificates are available in lots of    $1,    $5,   $10,   $20,   $50,   $100

To get the exact total you want to achieve, just combine cards, or select enough of the one quantity to match what you want! For example:

  • Desired single-person gift is $335.
    • You can reach this total by purchasing 3 x $100, 1 x $20, 1 x $10, and 1 x $5 gifts = $335
    • Or if you so desire, select 335 x $1 gifts just for fun (we will tell them they have received 335 x $1 gift vouchers!)
    • Put the name of the recipient in the "Comments" section during checkout, and we will issue it to you in their name.
    • It's that simple!
  • Alternatively, you would like to spend $150 but share that between multiple people.
    • purchase your $150 total with whatever combination you desire
    • In the "Comments" section during checkout, put the names and desired split (e.g. Andrew $100, Jeff $50)
    • We will issue two certificates to you for the respective names and values
    • Easy as that!

When the funds are received to our bank account (instant for credit card purchases), we will process and email your unique gift certificate as per conditions of gift certificates. Please include the name of the person receiving the gift, and any special, short message you would like included for example "Happy Birthday", "Merry Christmas", or whatever you like (see conditions of gift certificates).

$1 Gift Voucher
$5 Gift Voucher
$10 Gift Voucher
$20 Gift Voucher
$50 Gift Voucher
$100 Gift Voucher
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