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Krav Maga Training Academy is proud to have some of Australia's most experienced instructors on our staff, with FIVE Expert Ranked Instructors on staff! Our range of experience includes those recently completed their highly intensive Civilian Instructor Course (CIC) training under the IKMF Global Instructor Team (GIT), right through to a member of the internationally elite Continental Instructor Team (CIT) as KMTA's Chief Instructor and Director. Each instructor has not only completed the IKMF CIC as a bare minimum, but has also worked up through the ranks as a student with KMTA. Through this you are assured that each instructor represents not only the skill and training programs expected from KMTA, but also the goals, ethics, and standards come to be expected from Australia's leading Krav Maga school.

Whether it be through our regular classes across our different locations, through to personal training or specialist needs, our instructional team are able to provide for whatever your need is.

Krav Maga Training Academy Instructors

KMTA Instructors

NAME: Tim - KMTA Director & Chief Instructor
RANK: Expert 4
QUALIFICATION: C.I.T. - Continental Instructor Team, IKMF Israel; Military; Law Enforcement; Tactical Shooting; Civilian;
Women's and Kids Krav Maga; Adaptive Krav Maga. Full bio

NAME: Iman
RANK: Expert 2
QUALIFICATION:  Civilian and Kids Krav Maga.
Full bio
NAME: Howard
RANK: Expert 2
QUALIFICATION:  Civilian and Kids Krav Maga.
Full bio
NAME: Kathrin (Kat)
RANK: Expert 2
QUALIFICATION:  Civilian; Kids, & Women's Krav Maga; Combat Fighting; VIP; Adaptive Krav Maga.
Full bio

NAME: Phil
RANK: Graduate 5
QUALIFICATION:  Civilian Krav Maga
Full bio - coming soon
NAME: Xeniya (Ksusha)
RANK: Graduate 4
QUALIFICATION:  Civilian; Women's Krav Maga
Full bio
NAME: Stephen
RANK: Graduate 4
QUALIFICATION:  Civilian Krav Maga
Full bio
NAME: Russell
RANK: Graduate 3
QUALIFICATION:  Civilian Krav Maga.
Full bio

KMTA Associate Instructors

RANK: Expert 1
QUALIFICATION:  Civilian Krav Maga; Women's; Combat Fighting Instructor.
Full bio

NAME: Kelly
RANK: Graduate 2
QUALIFICATION:  Civilian Krav Maga; Women's Krav Maga. 
Full biocoming soon!

KMTA Trainee Instructor Program

Currently no places available for trainee's