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Registrations are open for events listed in the drop-down menu. Options are updated according to bi-monthly intakes, workshops, and other special events.

Kids FREE Intro sessions run the last week of:
Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov, with classes currently running at our Brisbane CBD Headquarters and our new Mansfield Mega Venue!
Kids Classes are open to all Kids and Juniors aged 7 to 14 years inclusive. If your child is under 7 years, contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help.

NOTE: No details provided below are stored online. To protect your information and privacy, all data is sent directly to us and stored in an off-line server.
If you prefer to provide full details in person, email us through our Contact Us page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is a requirement to correctly complete all personal contact details. This forms the basis of our legal requirement to maintain adult/guardian emergency or regular contact details for each child participating in training. Providing any incomplete or inaccurate information will render the registration invalid and you will be required to complete it again in full, in front of staff, before your child can partake in the session.

We take all our Krav Maga Kids safety very seriously and request that parents/guardians also please do the same.

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