KMTA Instructors - Cassie

Civilian Instructor - Krav Maga Training Academy
Qualifications: IKMF Civilian Instructor Course
Rank: Graduate Level 1

    Cassie began her training with KMTA in January 2020 after a recommendation to ‘try it out’. After attending the introduction class, she fell in love with learning IKMF Krav Maga for its effective, practical application to the real world. Since then, she has successfully graded to Graduate Level 1 in 2022 and in Early 2023, completed the Civilian Instructor Course (CIC) under the teachings of CIT Tim Alexander  and EIT Paula Meyers.

Cassie immensely enjoys learning the IKMF Krav Maga System and became hooked on the practical, easy-to-learn nature of Krav Maga. She became an Instructor to help others learn self-defence, and to help uplift confidence in others.

Outside of Krav Maga, Cassie graduated University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Nursing and a Bachelor of Public Health and subsequently, works as a Registered Nurse providing primary healthcare for the community.

In the future, Cassie wishes to complete the Kids’ Instructor Course (KIC) and Women’s Instructor Course (WIC) to further help others learn self-defence and feel empowered with Krav Maga.

 Cassie is friendly, highly motivating, and knows how to keep a room engaged, whether through regular classes or personal training.