Krav Maga Intense - Day Sessions

"Krav Maga Intense" classes are 45-minutes of focused, fast paced Krav Maga.

These intensive, fast-paced sessions are designed to deliver a single Krav Maga topic or problem each class. Topics include:

  • striking combinations and drills
  • defending common attacks
  • defending against multiple attackers
  • releasing from grabs and holds
  • pressure drills
  • determination training
  • and much more!

New participants can join at any time, with your first session free! 

WHERE:  KMTA HQ - Brisbane CBD
WHEN:    Mon:  12:45pm - 1:30pm
                Wed:  12:45pm - 1:30pm

WHO:      Open to everyone aged 16years and up.
COST:    - First session free!
               $14 Casual Visit  (drop in any time)
               $65 5-trip pass (valid 3-months)
               $85 One Calendar month (unlimited "Intense" sessions for 1-month)

* Purchase the same duration "Blast" and "Intense" sessions and get 10% off! (In store only)
** KMTA students with current evening memberships get all Blast and Intense classes free


REGISTRATIONS - always open! 

Registrations must be competed online before joining your first Krav Maga Intense session! Also feel free to call us on 1300 KRAV MAGA (1300 572 862) and we'll be happy to take your call (or return it if we miss it) to discuss any concerns or questions you may have. 
NOTE: Students who are already taking part in any of our other classes are not required to complete a new registration. Just tell us in advance you will come along!