Law Enforcement Krav Maga

Tried and proven by many Law Enforcement agencies and departments around the world. Krav Maga offers techniques which can be smoothly integrated in to your current departmental policies and procedures.

Krav Maga is not designed to replace or change your current operational procedures, but rather to give officers further options in dealing with violent incidents.  Whether it is through empty hand techniques or with authorised weapons, the IKMF offers only first-class training, with realism and appropriate force in mind.

Law Enforcement Topics include

  •     Dealing with suspected or active terrorist offenders
  •     Offender control & restraint (from compliant through to violent offenders)
  •     Use of authorised weapons (incl. firearms, batons, handcuffs, spray, and tasers)
  •     Transitioning between escalating and deescalating levels of force
  •     Surviving violent encounters and attacks on officers
  •     Defending against weapons
  •     Weapon retention
  •     Crowd control & moving through crowds
  •     Stress conditioning
  •     Scenario training
  •     Offender take-down or relocation
  •     Officer survival mind-set
  •     Problem solving (when authorised weapons fail or can't be used)
  •     ... and much more!

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