Military Krav Maga

Originally developed for the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) and counter terrorism groups, these are the true roots of Krav Maga. Tried, proven and utilised by numerous military and special forces units around the world, Krav Maga is the ultimate all-encompassing defensive tactics system. Continually tested in war zones and in countless hotspots around the world, Krav Maga offers solutions for soldiers where conventional training falls short.

Krav Maga is not designed to replace or change your current operational procedures, OFOF or ROE. It is designed to further complement a soldier's training in performing their duties.  Whether you're at home, on peace keeping missions, or in hostile environments, Krav Maga integrates seamlessly alongside your current training. We offer only first-class training with realism, OFOF and ROE in mind.

Military Topics include

  •     Dealing with suspected or active terrorist offenders
  •     Use of authorised weapons
  •     Transitioning from primary to secondary weapons systems
  •     Transitioning from weapons to unarmed situations when weapons systems cannot be used
  •     Surviving violent encounters
  •     Defending against unarmed attackers
  •     Defending against armed attackers
  •     Weapon retention
  •     Dealing with hostile non-combatants
  •     Moving through hostile and non-hostile crowds
  •     Shoot/no-shoot decision making
  •     Stress conditioning
  •     Scenario training
  •     Survival mind-set & mission focus
  •     Problem solving (when weapons fail or can't be used)
  •     ... and much more!

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