Registration Terms & Conditions

I hereby enroll myself or my child in Krav Maga Training Academy Pty Ltd (ACN 113 966 537) self-defence and/or fitness training on the basis of the terms and conditions set out below:

1.0 I acknowledge that the training, while conducted in the safest possible conditions and under qualified supervision, involves physical contact/activity and inherent risks and I accept those risks. I agree that I or my child will behave in a safe and mature manner and in accordance with the instructions from the instructors. I indemnify Krav Maga Training Academy Pty Ltd (KMTA) and the International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF), including all instructors, staff members, and students against any loss or damage suffered by them in connection with my or my child's participation in the training. If I am under 18 years of age, I have obtained my parent’s consent to my participation and to these terms and conditions.

1.1 In relation to online training, I take full responsibility to ensure the environment I am working in is safe and free of obstacles or obstructions, and that I comply with relevant locan laws, legislations, and health directives in relation to such training and/or social distancing. I accept that Krav Maga Training Academy Pty Ltd cannot be held liable for any injury that occurs in the space I partake of online training as a result of my choice to not ensure a safe training space. I indemnify Krav Maga Training Academy Pty Ltd and the International Krav Maga Federation, including all instructors, staff members, and students against any loss or damage suffered by in connection with my or my child's participation in online training.

2. I confirm I/my child is physically capable of participating in this training and that I/they have no existing medical condition which precludes or should reasonably preclude my/their participation. I/they have received clearance to train from my own licensed medical practitioner/s in any areas of personal concern.

3. I understand that I/they will be taught skills, techniques, behaviors, and responses that are intended for use to defend myself/themselves or another from imminent threats of or actual physical harm.  I understand that I am/we are responsible to act reasonably and lawfully at all times both in training and elsewhere.

4.0 I agree to release Krav Maga Training Academy Pty Ltd and the International Krav Maga Federation, including all instructors, staff members, and students from any liability whatsoever in connection with my/their participation in this self-defence and/or fitness training program. Without limitation, this includes all loss or damage or injury incurred as a direct or indirect result of my/their participation.

4.1 I understand that upon submitting registration my contact details will be added to the private mailing database of Krav Maga Training Academy to receive information and notifications relating to training programs I have registered for, and any other programs being offered by KMTA or the IKMF. These details will not be shared to any third party at any time and remain solely within KMTA.

5. I consent to the application of First Aid assistance (within the scope and certified skill of the on-site First Aid Officer) for myself or my child, as may be deemed appropriate or necessary in the unlikely event of injury. An adult may refuse assistance. A parent or guardian who is on-site at the time of an incident, may refuse assistance to be given to their child. If any student has specific emergency needs or medical action plans, these must be provided to staff.

6.0 I agree that I/they will conduct myself/themselves in an appropriate manner and will always act in a manner that is in the best interests of the Krav Maga Training Academy, the International Krav Maga Federation, and other participants.

6.1 Kids/Junior students are supervised whilst actively participating in their designated class. Any non-participating children must be supervised by their parent/guardian and cannot be left unattended at any time. Krav Maga Training Academy takes no responsibility for any person not taking part in any class. 

6.2 Kids/Junior students who can behave maturely, responsibly, and are permitted to self-supervise by law, may quietly remain on site, inside the training facility, during a siblings training class, whilst the sibling is participating in a class. However, Krav Maga Training Academy, staff, and instructors can accept no responsibility for self-supervised children, nor attempt to ensure they remain inside. Our staff are focused on teaching duties and must devote their full attention to that task. Siblings of students who are not enrolled in training may not be left on-site without their parent or adult guardian at any time. 

6.3 Kids/Junior students who repeatedly are left unattended, cause disturbance, cause any damage, or any situations that require staff intervention risk having their enrolment cancelled and membership forfeited.

6.4 Any person, or the parents/guardians of unattended children, who negligently or recklessly cause damage to Krav Maga Training Academy, or any host-venues property or buildings are liable for that damage and restitution for that loss. Reckless damage or behaviour are grounds for cancellation of enrolment and forfeiture of membership on top of restitution of any damage caused.

7. I understand that audio and/or images (moving or still) may be taken of me or my child during training for the purposes of promotion and advertising. I give my consent and release for these to be used by Krav Maga Training Academy Pty Ltd. I understand I have the right to refuse to allow my images to be used and if this is the case, I will speak personally with the senior instructor and it will be so noted against my file, and respected.

8. In the event that I decide to purchase a membership, I understand and agree that all memberships commence immediately from the start of the training term it is purchased for. Memberships are due in-advance by the first week of any given period and are non-refundable except where required by law. E.g. monthly payments are due first week of the month, term fees are due in the first week of the term. If I do not pay in advance and have not discussed it with KMTA staff, my membership will default to monthly payments for the duration of that term where relevant.

9. Membership fees are non-refundable except where required by law.

10. Current memberships may be deferred at Krav Maga Training Academy Pty Ltd Directors discretion to the beginning of the next term or to after a period of recovery from medically certified injury. However no refunds, deferrals or credits will be granted on any part of a membership that has expired before the request is made, in accordance with consumer law.

11. Monthly fees are paying for a Full-Term of training via month to month payments, with the privilege of ceasing payments at any time. This is a monthly payment due at the beginning of the calendar month in advance. It is a payment towards the full term, not a payment for a set number of classes or a set-time frame.

​12. I confirm that I do not have a criminal record and I am not involved with or a member of any criminal organization, and I have not been prohibted by any legal action, proceeding , or judgmenet from participating in such a training activity.