Ring Craft - Fighting Tactics Training

Ring Craft: Fighting Tactics Training

(Brisbane CBD only!)

Ring Craft is a specially designed program to either stand-alone or compliment our Krav Maga training. As a stand-alone program, it will improve and deliver stand-up skills needed for those pursuing competition sport fighting. As a compliment to regular Krav Maga, it's goal is to further improve striking ability for defending yourself in the street.

Not interested in competition or regular Krav Maga classes? No problem! This program will deliver an ultimate fitness session to you like no other, that you can continue working on at any time without special gym equipment.

This program is developed and headed by KMTA Instructor Phil, who has 20 years of experience in various striking fighting styles. He was the owner and Head trainer at Sintawee Muay Thai Gym in Essex, England, is a certified technical pad holder, and has multiple competition and ring experience both in Thailand and the U.K.  Closely collaborating with KMTA Chief Instructor Tim, this program is guaranteed to deliver what you need either for competition, or to blend seamlessly in to your Krav Maga training.



  • Every Saturday afternoon 2:00pm - 4:30pm, KMTA HQ Brisbane CBD venue.
  • PRICE:  General Attendee
    • $120.00 per calendar month (due beginning of the month)
    • $40.00 casual drop-in fee
  • PRICE:  KMTA Student with active membership
    • $100.00 per calendar month (due beginning of the month)
    • $35.00 casual drop-in fee
  • Stand-up striking skills drawing on Boxing, Kickboxing & Muay Thai
  • Combinations to use in the ring
  • Fight IQ & tactics
  • Flexibility
  • Conditioning
  • Sparring (cannot join sparring as casual visitor until 3rd session)
  • Technical pad work