Stay Away! Women's Self Defence

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"Stay Away!" is a women-only self-empowerment and self-defence program that immediately gives practical tools and lasting results…and all in one session! These fun and unique programs are open to all women aged 15-years and older.

Learn exactly when, where, and how to instantly defeat 80% of problems a woman will ever face! Don’t settle for second-rate programs that will ignorantly just “teach-you-some-moves.” This is so much more! Whether through our main "Stay Away!" workshop, or regular classes, you are guaranteed to learn some of the most valuable, self-empowering life tools you need to be safe.

Workshops are available Australia-wide!

Women can take part in "Stay Away!" through attending one of our public workshops, through school programs, corporate seminars, a girls-event, or however else may suit you. Minimum numbers apply for private events.